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Being a public company requires many reporting and corporate responsibilities to the regulators, auditors, and investors. Outsourcing financial reporting services is the best way to meet these requirements while achieving the organization’s financial goals and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

BENEFITS: Some of the benefits of outsourcing financial reporting services include:

  • Timely reporting to meet requirements for regulators, shareholders and investors

  • Cost efficiency to resolve challenges and to gain competitive advantages

  • High-quality and accuracy to ensure the financial reporting in accordance with accounting policies and International Financial Reporting Standards

FINANCIAL REPORTING: We offer financial reporting services to public listed corporations based on their needs and requirements. Our financial reporting services include the following:

  • Providing accounting services by;

  • Preparing and posting of accounting entries on regular basis

  • Posting in journals (A/P, A/R, Sales Invoices)

  • Posting of Cash receipts and Payment vouchers in the GL

  • Reconciling of Bank Statements with Cash book every month

  • Preparing GST/HST returns, on due dates

  • Preparing and recording Payroll, Payroll tax returns (T4, T4A) and

  • Trial balance preparation

  • Preparation of schedules and details for the Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements and updating all the below notes:

  • Nature of operations and going concern

  • Significant accounting policies

  • Amounts receivable and other assets

  • Equipment

  • Exploration and evaluation assets

  • Accounts payable and accrued liabilities

  • Share capital

  • Warrants

  • Share-based payments

  • Earnings (loss) per share

  • Related party disclosures

  • General and administrative

  • Commitment

  • Preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements and MD&A

  • Incorporating comments from the legal, board members and the management for the periodic filings of the statements on SEDAR.

  • Dealing with the auditors, board members and the regulators to resolve their comments, if any.

COST: The cost of financial reporting services depends on the corporations’ size, needs and requirements.

CONTACT US: If you need more information on financial reporting services or if you would like to get a quote, please contact us at 647-861-2099 or send email to to book a free consultation.

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