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As a GLOBAL ABC team, we are dedicated to providing high quality, personalized services to our clients. We put our heart and mind in the work to get the best.  We organize and focus our people and resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  We listening to and respecting each other and working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.


Our clients include Small and Mid-sized corporations in Mining, International Trade and  Finance & Real Estate companies; Non-profit organizations, Retails, Constructions, Professionals and Individuals.


Business: We committed to provide high-quality, low-cost services to Small and  Mid-sized businesses in locally and internationally by focusing on our clients’ needs. We provide services to clients in many industries, including Mining, Real Estate, Finance, Retail, Construction and Information Technology.  


Mining Companies: We are consultant and management advisory firm specializes in providing management and consultant services to mining companies with focus on Listing, Financial Reporting, Financing and Merger & Acquisition related services.  


Individuals: We assist to individuals by providing full accounting and tax services as well as consultant services based on their needs.



Some of our References:


  • Ata Maintenance System Ltd -Toronto, Ontario                      

  • Atacan Commercial Cleaning Services -Toronto, Ontario  

  • Homeland Energy Group Ltd. -Public Mining Company-Toronto,Ontario                       

  • Maple Gold - Global Gold Supplier -Dubai, U.A.E        

  • SRK Capital -Finance & Real Estate -Toronto, Ontario       

  • Capital English Solutions -Education -Toronto, Ontario      

  • Infinet Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation- MIC -Toronto, Ontario        






Ata Maintenance System Ltd.

Small-Mid Corporation-Toronto, Ontario

Atacan Commercial Cleaning Services

Small-Mid Corporation-Toronto, Ontario

Homeland Energy Group Ltd.

Public Listed Company-Toronto, Ontario

Maple Gold

Global Gold Supplier-Dubai, U.A.E

SRK Capital

Finance & Real Estate-Toronto, Ontario

Individual Testimonials

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