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GLOBAL ABC provides CFO services to primarily public listed mining companies to meet challenges and assists corporations  by providing high-quality services with low-cost. CFO services include; Financial Reporting,Financing,Merger& Acquisition (M&A) and Management Services related to IFRS,ICFR,MIS and Periodic Filings.

Financial Reporting: Global ABC’s Financial Reporting services include:

  • Preparing and reviewing financial information for Auditors and Security Commissions

  • Dealing with Auditors, Security Lawyers and Security Commissions

  • Implementation of new Accounting Standards

  • Assisting with complex accounting and public financial reporting issues


Merger & Acquisition: Global ABC’s Merger & Acquisition (M&A) services include:

  • Reviewing liquidity  and financial health of the business

  • Identifying business opportunities suitable for the businesses

  • Planning and executing due diligence processes

  • Dealing with Brokers, Underwriters, Security Lawyers and Security Commissions


Financing: Global ABC’s Financing – Raising funds through Equity, Debt and Bond (IPO) services include:

  • Reviewing Financial Statements and Projects

  • Preparing PowerPoint presentation

  • Presenting to the investors and financial institutions

  • Filling Prospectus for raising funds with the Security Commissions

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