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GLOBAL ABC provides accounting and tax services, completing regular filing ,preparing and submitting corporate tax returns.


Accounting Services: GLOBAL ABC provides full accounting life cycle by recording, analyzing, maintaining, reporting and ensures financial statements and reports are accurate.


  • Accounts payable

  • Account receivable

  • Cash receipts and disbursements

  • Sales invoices

  • Payroll preparation

  • Payroll tax returns (T4, T4A)

  • Bank reconciliation

  • GST/HST, WSIB, IFTA, Registered Charity Information Return and remitted to government

  • Preparation of Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash-Flow)


Tax Services: GLOBAL ABC ensures the timely filing of tax returns, and provides tax consulting and planning services to minimize overall taxes payables.


  • Corporate Tax

  • Business Tax

  • Personal Tax

  • Tax Consulting and Planning

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